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My doctor made a referral for a MRI test and I got referred to the hospital imaging department. I first called the insurance and they told me that the test estimate was $2,700, then I called the hospital and they estimated $1,900. Finally, I searched on Google and I was lucky to find AffordableScans. I filled out a form and Angela immediately pinged me on my phone. She gave me 2 options ($440 or $450). I took the less expensive one and had my MRI done scheduled earlier than the hospital had initially scheduled me for. I got my results on the cloud 2 hours after the exam and I was able to browse the results immediately. 

The radiologist report came a day after. The only thing that I would improve is the referral process from my doctor to the outside facility. I would like to thanks Angela for always being on top of the process via SMS texts.

Robertico Gonzales M, San Francisco, US

I was desperate to find an MRI for my knee that has had me in pain for months, and my insurance put me through the ringer just to land an appointment that would be another few weeks out. At 5pm the text concierge helped me find four nearby locations including prices and an appointment at one of them for the next morning at 1045am. She helped me get all the necessary information over from my doctor and book the appointment. Total cost was $245, up front, no mystery expenses by coming through my worthless insurance, and the location was legit with numerous of its own 5 star reviews. This is how healthcare should be.

Jane Smith, Los Angeles, US

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How it works for patients?

1 You refer patient

Concierge reaches out to patient to check his or her availability & budget preferences 

2. We schedule

3. You get reports in 12h-48h

Concierge works with imaging center to offer patient 2-3 times and book patient.

After visit, imaging center uploads scan to provider cloud portal, and we send you report within 12h-48h business day 


AffordableScan offers your self-pay patients same-day imaging tests at affordable rates with 12h-48h report turnaround time

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Why do doctor offices love sending us self-pay patients?

I. Simply refer a self-pay patient

Use your preferred referral method to refer an uninsured or self-pay patient


II. We arrange scheduling

III. Get report without hassle

AffordableScan takes care of scheduling at the patient's earliest convenience & finds the most affordable location

Receive a report done by accredited radiologist with 30+ yrs of experience within 12h-48h after appointment

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Uninsured and underinsured patients face difficult hurdles when getting imaging scans. We take all of them away and get reports at affordable rates, so you can proceed swiftly with your medical care.

A service that protects your patients well-being & wallets


Price of MRI w/o contrast at a national leading hospital


Self-pay price of MRI w/o contrast with AffordableScan at outpatient imaging center

Dr. Sandra W

AffordableScan reports are timely, of great quality, with frequent next-day patient booking and they save my patients tight budgets for follow-up medical care.

Dr. Sandra W.

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