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Let me start by saying that Angela is one of the best receptionist I have ever came across. Her customer service is unmatched . She is always on top of all your needs. The best part is that she is always available for you ! She will reply and get back to you in minutes how good is that right . Any questions concerns she's there to give you the best of her knowledge. I highly recommend Angela. If I could give her 10 stars 🌟 I would. That's how I felt and feel she deserves. Good job Angela. Thanks a lot for everything you made everything run smooth.

Daniel Carrera M, San Francisco, US

Angela helped me get everything together in one hour! The process was seamless once I got on my computer to finish the application. I was able to get a referral for the X-ray I needed so fast and an appointment scheduled for the next day. This service saved me so much and I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Sharetta Smith, Florida, US

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AffordableScan works with 100+ imaging centers including

Get your patient the care they deserve without breaking their budget

How it works for patients?

1 You refer patient

Concierge reaches out to patient to check his or her availability & budget preferences 


2. We schedule

3. You get reports in 24h-72h

Concierge works with imaging center to offer patient 2-3 times and book patient

Patient pays for the service and receives a voucher

Patient visits the center and completes visit

Imaging center sends uploads scan to our radiologist portal, we send the report to the provider


AffordableScan offers your self-pay patients same-day imaging tests at affordable rates with 24h-72h report turnaround time

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Why do doctor offices love sending us self-pay patients?

I. Simply refer a self-pay patient

Use your preferred referral method to refer an uninsured or self-pay patient


II. We arrange scheduling

III. Get report without hassle

AffordableScan takes care of scheduling at the patient's earliest convenience & finds the most affordable location

We will get you report within 24-48 hours business day of appointment completion


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Uninsured and underinsured patients face difficult hurdles when getting imaging scans. We take all of them away and get reports at affordable rates, so you can proceed swiftly with your medical care.

A service that protects your patients well-being & wallets


Price of MRI w/o contrast at a national leading hospital


Price of MRI w/o contrast with AffordableScan

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